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Engineering at Intercom is a place where we work with pride, positivity and love. Help us grow an exceptional, kind team.

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We're a team of over 125 engineers, and growing fast. We’re changing how businesses talk to their customers all over the world, too. ❤️

From the blog

We value communicating about how we build and sharing what we've learned. Here's some of our recent writing.

Engineering case studies

These engineering case studies show our key insights from building Intercom.

From the stage

Let’s talk. We go out of our way to participate in-person in technical communities, and love sharing our stories on-stage. This work is highly valued and we help with time, coaching and support.

What we believe

These beliefs guide all our work, from building products to growing our team.

Our mission

Our mission at Intercom is to make internet business personal.

Our vision

Our vision at Intercom is to bring a Messenger-first, personal experience, to all customer and business communication.

Our principles

Principles help us repeat our successes, avoid failures, and align when we make decisions.

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How we work

We’re thoughtful about what we build, how we build and how we work with each other.

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Shipping is our heartbeatWhy we truly care about getting what we build into real use, quicklyLearn more

Join our team

Join us. We are a unique and diverse team with our biggest opportunities ahead of us. We work on challenging problems in a kind and supportive environment. You’ll learn faster and get more done at Intercom than anywhere else.